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Vertical tanks having a weak roof-to-shell seam and storing Class IIIA liquids are allowed to be located at one-half the distances specified in Table of NFPA 30, provided the tanks are not within a diked area or drainage path for a tank storing Class I or II liquids.

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All water heaters should be fitted with a temperature-pressure (T&P) relief valve no matter what fuel is used. The installation port for these valves may be found on the top or on the side of the tank near the top. T&P valves should not be placed close to a wall or door jamb, where they would be inaccessible for inspection and use.

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Rotary Lobe Pumps - SRU Range Instruction Manual

- Fit valves, if two pumps are to be used on manifold/common discharge lines. - Make the necessary piping arrangements if flushing is required for the seal or if a media is required for heating/ cooling jackets and saddles. - Allow at least 1 m for pump access/maintenance all around the pump. - Do not subject rotary lobe pumps to rapid temperature